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Reusable Cotton Rounds

Reusable Cotton Rounds

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Swipe Away.

A beauty fanatic but environmentally conscious? These reusable cotton rounds are the solution between the two worlds.

With these soft and easy-to-use cotton rounds, you won't need to dispose of another cotton pad for removing makeup ever again!

What You Get :

Ten (10) pieces of reusable cotton rounds

1 Muslin bag


How To Use

1. Pour a decent amount of your usual makeup remover solution into the pad and allow it to soak it up.

2. Simply swipe all around your face to remove all the makeup. Use another cotton pad if needed if you feel there are still some makeup residue left on your face.

3. Wash the cotton pads after usage with any washing powder or detergent of your choice and hang it out to dry.

4. Once clean and dried, it is ready to be used again! 


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