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Pegaga (180g)

Pegaga (180g)

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A Traditional Asian Superfood blend of nature’s most powerful herbs and fruits: Pegaga (Gotu Kola)turmeric leafpapaya leafgreen apples, dates and habbatus sauda. This scientifically-proven blend of 100% natural herbs and fruits have been used for centuries in Asia for it’s extraordinary health benefits - improved digestive and detoxification, strengthened immunity, skin repair and anti-ageing properties, and enhanced brain function and memory.


Recommended Dosage

Consume 1 scoop of Pegaga, twice daily on empty stomach. Mix in 200ml of warm water or your favourite drink, juice or health snacks.

  • Consistent daily consumption is highly recommended
  • Do not expose to direct heat
  • Do not mix with boiling water or lime juice
  • Keep refrigerated to ensure freshness.

Disclaimer: This product is not recommended during pregnancy, but highly beneficial for pre- and post-pregnancy. It is suitable for men, women and children. For children below the age of 5, half the dosage is recommended



  •  Strengthen Immunity & Energy
  •  Improve Gut Health & Digestion
  •  Calm & Reduce Stress, Anxiety
  •  Anti-Inflammation & Ease Allergies
  •  Weight Management
  •  Healthy & Youthful Glowing Skin
  •  Focus & Mental Clarity
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