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OMI PADS PEMF Beyond Mattress

OMI PADS PEMF Beyond Mattress

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High quality, easily foldable mattress with state-of-the-art, built-in battery-operated wireless controller unit. The mattress can be operated via the OMI Beyond app on any iOS, or Android device. The apps are free to download from the iOS Appstore, or the Android Play Store. It features over 100 pre-set programs. It works in the frequency range from 1 to 99 Hz with the most effective ranges from 3 to 40 Hz. Mattress size: 165 x 65 cm. Increased magnetic field intensity up to 1,000+ µT. Adjustable Rectangular, Sine and Chainsaw Waveforms. Powered by DC power supply.


recommended for

The mattress is recommended for people who live stressful life, feel less energetic and wish to improve their overall well-being.



The pulsing magnetic field promotes the body’s own regeneration processes and helps

to stimulate micro-circulation and cell metabolism

to maximize mental clarity, focus and productivity

to increase energy and vitality ü to aid relaxation

to sleep better and have better general mood



State-of-the-Art technology, advanced functionality, ergonomic and foldaway design, for both professional and home use. Completely safe, not painful to use, and there are no known side effects.


instructions for use

Easy and convenient to use. No special training is required. Just download the OMI Beyond controller app from the iOS Appstore, or the android Play Store. Connect the controller unit to the mat and switch on the controller! All is very straightforward. Open the App on your phone and follow the guides! You may use the OMI Beyond mat right out of the box.


how it works

Pulsed electromagnetic fields produced by the device induce electrical current inside the body that helps to restore the blocked ion flow and stimulates the body’s own regeneration processes. As a result of using the mattress the body attains a higher energy level, the fatigue is alleviated, helping to achieve improved overall well-being of the whole body.


packaging contains

Mattress, operating unit, wall adapter, user manual

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