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Mulberry Scalp Tonic

Mulberry Scalp Tonic

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Balance your oily scalp and acne-prone scalp with this Mulberry Scalp Tonic. Naturally infused with mulberry leaves, formosan lattuce, and lavender bud, this Mulberry Scalp Tonic balances your scalp oil secretion, as well as keep scalp acne and inflammation under control.

How to Use

After cleansing your scalp and hair with Mulberry Leaf Hairwash Powder, while the scalp is still wet, gently roll on this Mulberry Scalp Tonic to scalp area with acne, prone to acne inflammation, or particularly oily over the day. Tap gently to facilitate absorption.

Proceed to blow drying process using hair dryer afterwards.


Mulberry Leaf
Mulberry leaf is an age old herb that has been used by humans since thousands of years ago. When it comes to skincare, the mulberry leaf is efficient in reducing oil secretions, calms inflammation and promotes acne healing.

Formosan Lattuce
Formosan lattuce is widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, often together with Mulberry leaf to control oil secretion of skin and hair loss problems.

Ingredients list: Morus alba Leaf (Mulberry Leaf), Lavandula Bud (Lavender Bud), Ilex pentagona (Formosan Lattuce Herbs), Vegan Sourced Glycerin.

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