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Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash (500ml)

Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash (500ml)

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Gentle cleanse with no harshness.

It’s not easy to have eczema-prone skin. Let this Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash helps to cleanse your tired eczema-prone skin.


Once or twice per day for the body. As needed for hand washing.

Lather gently to your wet skin and massage well. Rinse with clear water afterwards.

It is easier to lose skin hydration after cleansing, especially for eczema-prone skin. Lock the moisture immediately after showering with a few drops of HEAL Facial & Body Oil.


Non-comedogenic plant oils (a.k.a soft plant oils) are selected for your daily gentle cleanse.

Unlike other castile soaps which use palm oil or coconut oil as their main soap base, we use softer plant oils – including rice bran oil, olive oil, and castor oil – for a gentle cleanse.

This combination is much more suitable for you with sensitive skin and eczema.


Baby & Mummy

This Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash is generally safe for women who are currently pregnant and breastfeeding, as well as newborn babies and toddler.

However, please perform skin patch test before first use as everyone’s skin is different.

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