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Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser

Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser

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Gentle natural facial cleanser that does not strip your precious natural skin protection layer.

Finally, no more tight dry feeling after cleansing, this Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser provides comforting cleansing while protecting your precious natural protection skin layer.


Once or twice per day. After the makeup removal step.

After your makeup removal step, thoroughly massage your wet face with this Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser, and rinse with clear water.

Follow straight with HEAL Facial & Body Oil to moisturise your face after the cleansing.


Natural plant oils combination to balance between nourishing & cleansing.

Carefully selected natural plant oils to form natural castile soap for your eczema-prone skin.

We select softer plant oils (i.e. rice bran oil, castor oil, and olive oil), to prevent ‘harsh cleansing’ that is commonly in many castile soaps with coconut oil as base – a selection of plant oil combinations that is specifically for eczema-prone sensitive skin.


Baby & Mummy

This Mugwort Natural Castile Facial Cleanser is safe and suitable for pregnant & breastfeeding women.

However, we do not recommend this facial cleanser to newborn babies as babies’ new skin does not need a dedicated facial cleanser just for their face.

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