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Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash (200ml)

Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash (200ml)

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Natural castile hand & body wash that is gentle for daily cleansing of your eczema-prone skin.

Sensitive skin requires gentle care. This Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash is formulated to cleanse your eczema-prone skin without stripping off your skin precious natural protection layer.

With a gentle cleansing routine, it helps to facilitate healing of eczema-prone skin by supporting healthy regeneration of skin barriers.


Once or twice per day for shower. As needed for hand washing.

One or two times per day to cleanse your body skin during shower. Avoid hot showers to help with more effective healing of your eczema.

For hand washing, use as many times as needed for hygiene purposes. Followed by HEAL Facial & Body Oil as a form of hand lotion to moisturise afterwards.

Same recommendation goes for body skin as well.


Softer plant oils for gentler castile hand & body wash.

Softer plant oils (in the other word – non-comedogenic plant oils) – i.e. rice bran oil, castor seed oil, olive oil – are selected to create this gentle foaming cleansing soap.

This Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash is gentle for eczema-prone skin, and doesn’t create uncomfortable dry tight skin sensations after cleansing.


Baby & Mummy

This Mugwort Natural Castile Hand & Body Wash is generally safe for women who are currently pregnant and breastfeeding. It is also generally safe for new-born babies and toddlers.

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