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Artisanal Virgin Coconut Oil 50ml Pump Bottle

Artisanal Virgin Coconut Oil 50ml Pump Bottle

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Harnessing the miraculous and healing benefits of coconut to deliver your skin & hair with natural nutrients you deserve.

Rich with antioxidants and healing properties of vitamin E, the Ublisse Artisanal VCO repairs, deeply moisturises and cares for your troubled skin & hair (dry & sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis, blemishes, sunburn, premature aging, stretch marks, dry hair & unhealthy scalp). Compact with powerful antibacterial & anti-inflammatory fatty acids, it’s best to treat rashes, cuts and wounds. Its lightweight, nourishing emollient makes it a perfect natural oil for make-up remover and perineal massage. It is simply miracles in a bottle - natural skin & hair remedy.

how to use

Apply VCO directly onto troubled skin & hair.

For best results, gently massage VCO into the affected area & repeat as necessary.

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