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Artisanal Virgin Coconut Oil 230ml Bottle

Artisanal Virgin Coconut Oil 230ml Bottle

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Ublisse Artisanal VCO is traditionally handcrafted in small batches by our local Malaysian artisan through natural process using fresh locally sourced coconuts. Our heritage skills in handcrafting our Artisanal VCO allow us to retain its powerful nutrients and natural sweet taste & aroma to ensure every drop contains the purest & most medicinal VCO extract. Without using heat & chemicals, the long process starts from hand-picking the raw coconuts, cold pressing the coconut meat, until VCO extraction by fermentation for exactly 24 hours.

To maintain the freshness of our coconuts, we extract the VCO in small batches. We don’t practice overstoring raw coconuts to avoid spoilage & wastage, hence we begin the extraction process straight away after we received every batch of coconuts from our local suppliers.

good to know

- 100% Made in Malaysia
- No heat & chemical process
- Richest natural MCT source
- Cholesterol free
- Vegan & ketogenic friendly
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