Honey Glow: Scrub - RE:HEALTH
Honey Glow: Scrub - RE:HEALTH
Honey Glow: Scrub - RE:HEALTH

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Honey Glow: Scrub

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Our best selling multipurpose scrub! If you've read some of our reviews, this scrub is mentioned multiple times! It is packed with gentle anti-aging ingredients to exfoliate and treat skin problems whilst protecting the skin. Also great for exfoliating and moisturising dry, cracked lips. Available in 2 sizes.

➤ How to Use
Apply a small amount of scrub to wet skin and massage gently in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

➤ Ingredients
• Natural Brown Sugar: exfoliates, removes scars and prevents acne
• Raw Honey: acne treatment and prevention, anti-aging, complexion boost, unclogs pores, moisturizes skin leaving it soft and supple
• Grapeseed Oil: rich in vitamin C, D and E, helps reduce wrinkles and scars, tightens and cleanses the skin
• Rose Geranium Oil: treats skin problems, skin rejuvenating and revitalizing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, improves circulation

➤ Caution & Care

 Shelf Life: 1 year from opening