Refresh: Face Cleanser - RE:HEALTH
Refresh: Face Cleanser - RE:HEALTH
Refresh: Face Cleanser - RE:HEALTH

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Refresh: Face Cleanser

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Think of Lush's cleanser, minus the liquid. Without the liquid in this cleanser, it can last much longer as it is dry form. This is a foam-free and soap-free daily facial cleanser that washes away dirt and impurities. Comprised of gentle yet effective raw grains and clay, this natural cleanser exfoliates and protects dry and aging skin. Use our natural cleansing grains as part of your daily skin care regimen for soft, clear skin. 

This cleanser comes in dry form (powder) because when liquid is introduced to skincare products, they can easily grow mold and bacteria. Therefore, commercial products contain plenty of chemicals to preserve them a longer shelf life. By giving you this ingredients in dry form, it allows you to have a completely natural product. Fresh in a matter of seconds.

➤ How to Use
Mix a small amount of the powder with a few drops of water onto the palm of your hands. Massage onto wet skin, then rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry. Discard any excess. Use our Toner after cleansing.

➤ Ingredients
• Green Clay: exfoliates dead skin cells, tightens the pores, absorbs excess oil
• Gluten-Free Oats: treats acne, anti-inflammatory, removes dead skin cells
• Kaolin Clay: softens the skin with super gentle bits for a mild exfoliation

Shelf Life: 1 year from opening