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Refillable Sanitiser Starter Pack

Refillable Sanitiser Starter Pack

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Pair 'em up!

Need a little bitta both? Our refillable sanitiser starter pack is just what you need. One for your home and one for you on-the-go! 

What's in the starter pack?

• 1x Refillable Multipurpose Sanitiser 

• 1x Refillable Hand Sanitiser *Certified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia


How to refill

1. Take your sanitiser bottle(s) to RE:HEALTH Publika. Please make sure the bottle label is intact to be eligible for the refill!

2. Hand your bottle(s) to our staff for it to be refilled to its maximum capacity of approximately 45ml for the hand sanitiser and 450ml for the multipurpose sanitiser.

3. Simply make payment* and you're good to go!

*Refills are at RM4.95 per hand sanitiser bottle and RM49.50 per multipurpose sanitiser bottle. Refills can only be done in-store.


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