Herbbies - Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist
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Herbbies - Lavender Hydrating Facial Mist

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Rich with Lavender, Gromwell Root, Mulberry Leaf benefits, it improves acne-prone skin by balancing PH level, and reduces microbial imbalance of facial skin.

Say goodbye to stubborn acne with this Lavender Hydrating Mist. Use it as a toner and make up setting spray, this Lavender Hydrating Mist balances the PH level and microbial ecosystem of your face. It reduces stubborn acne, fungal acne, hormonal acne. Just spray this mist on your face and enjoy the after freshness.


how to use

Use it as replacement of toner. Spray on face after face washing, then complete your skincare routine with selected Facial & Body Oil from Herbbies product series.



Lavender hydrosol, gromwell root, mulberry leaf, grape seed oil.


best paired with 

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