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High Density Negative Ion Generator

High Density Negative Ion Generator

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The Medical Ion Mini generates a massive amount of negative ions and covers a wide area for the best efficacy.

Negative ions need to reach you. Some products on the market generate negative ions but no ion molecule can be detected at a distance of 1m (3.2ft) away and/or ions can travel in one direction only. 


Outline specifications

Widest coverage 16.5 m2 (177 ft2)
Negative ion generation method Air Ionization Electron Emission Method (Pat No. PCT/JP2002/008541)
Negative ion count Blow off point: 8,500,000 (pcs/cc)+
1m (3.2ft) away: 270,000 (pcs/cc)+
Power 100-240VAC (50/60Hz) (comes with AC adaptor)
Positive ion count Blow off point: 0 (pcs/cc)
Ozone production 0.001ppm or less
Ion Detector Yes (Ion Detector model only)
Consumable parts No
Dimensions W140xH80xD40 (mm) / W5.5XH3.1XD1.5 (inches)
Weight 274g (9.6oz)

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