Dish Brush - RE:HEALTH
Dish Brush - RE:HEALTH
Dish Brush - RE:HEALTH


Dish Brush

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Dish Washing With Care

We all know that it could be a literal chore to do the dishes, but it's even worse when sensitive skin is thrown into the mix as it flairs up and itches like crazy after a cleaning session. 

Fear not, as this brush would help you to not dread about doing the dishes as much as before because it allows you to have the liberty of not touching the soapy dishes and getting your hands dirty. 


What You Get: (choose your option!)

One (1) Dish Brush 

One (1) Refill 



How To Use:

1. Pop in a replaceable brush head to the handle and get to cleaning.

2.  Simply leave the brush together with its handle to dry in a jar or anywhere you see fit for future use.

3. Replace the head with a new one every month!