The Spotlight On: Jidienne Ibañez, Founder of The Mineraw

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If natural skincare is your thang, chances are you may have heard of a brand called The Mineraw. Locally made, consciously handcrafted and 100% natural, The Mineraw skincare line is easy to use, easy to understand and packaged in recyclable containers. (and it helps that they're also so minimalistically beautiful!)
The Spotlight On: Jidienne Ibañez, Founder of The Mineraw
Recently featured on the coveted British Vogue (I know, right?), we spoke to the founder of The Mineraw, Jidienne Ibañez as we wanted to find out what makes her tick and what spurred her on to begin what's now fondly known as The Mineraw. 

Tell us about The Mineraw and how it all began.

Growing up I had troublesome skin with regular breakouts and acne. I’ve never been a fan of chemical-based products & frankly, I couldn’t actually afford them so I started researching, learning and then experimenting with making my own products. Not just briefly, but for years.
The Mineraw

Improving as I went, I created myself a skincare routine including mask, scrub, toner and a face oil. As I continued to use these products I started seeing great results with my skin. People started noticing my improving skin and at first family, then friends started asking if I could make them some of my products too, I was delighted to, this is my passion. This passion only grew as they then also started seeing great results! It wasn’t long afterwards that I knew I needed to start doing this full time!

In your journey of diving into the big world of natural skin care, what have you discovered about traditional ingredients that you wish you would have known sooner?

This is a tricky one, I dived into natural skincare at such a young age that I couldn’t have learned some things all that much sooner. However, that is not to say there weren’t lessons learned along the way!
One which stands out from my early days of experimenting is that not every natural ingredient is good for the skin. I remember the time when there were all sorts of ‘DIY masks’ online, before skincare education on ingredients became so readily available for the public as it is today.
The Mineraw
Baking soda + lemon juice face mask particularly stands out. This was insane looking back now! Baking soda can affect the pH level of your skin. Your skin is naturally acidic, and baking soda is highly alkaline, thus disrupting your skin barrier and its acidic mantle. When the acid mantle is disrupted, skin is more prone to irritation, breakouts, and superficial infections. This is only made worse when the baking soda is mixed with water or lemon juice. Lemon juice can risk acid burns, hyperpigmentation, and hypersensitivity to the sun.

Knowing what I know now, I probably would have warned my younger self to avoid all the DIY I found online and to continue my research first. Most importantly that less is more, just make sure to know what is good for you when looking into natural or chemical products.

What are the top three things we should all look out for when purchasing skin care?

1. Always read the ingredient list on the label of each product.

Turn and read. If you see more than 10 or 20 ingredients. Run! Put that back on the shelf and move to another product. There’s very rarely a need for all those ingredients! I love (Vegan) Ice Cream, I love Green Curry & I love Nasi Lemak - But not all at once. All at once it becomes wayyy too much. Less is more!

2. There’s no real need to purchase wet wipes, cleansing wipes,
makeup wipes and all that jazz!

Almost all of these wipes are extremely scented and therefore contain unnecessary ingredients which your skin a) doesn’t need, and b) actually aggravates your skin. The rubbing and tugging they cause on your face can actually cause breakouts and wrinkles.

3. Chemical-based fragrances. Avoid them.

They come in all sorts of names like Parfum, Limonene, Citronellol, Linalol, Citral. Besides just not doing anything for your skin, fragrances can be highly toxic. Fragrances commonly contain phthalates, which are chemicals that help the scents last longer. Health risks for phthalates are startling and include cancer, human reproductive and developmental toxicity, endocrine disruption, birth defects & respiratory problems. It’s not worth it.

What ingredient do you have in your line that people might find most surprising? Do you have any qualities or ingredients that you prioritise in your products?

Surprising? Hmm. One thing we often find that people aren’t aware of is that a mix of the right oils as a Facial Oil even on oily skin can actually be great for your face. I think there is quite a common misconception here that had previously been taught that you shouldn’t use Face Oils, especially with the weather and humidity here. But the right blend can actually do wonders! Hence our best selling product is indeed our facial oil, Glow Serum.
The Mineraw

I have very clear qualities and ingredients that I prioritise in The Mineraw products. The first is absolutely always the best quality of ingredients. The next is, only essential ingredients. With all our products I always look to use ingredients for their specific benefits. A lot of thought, time & effort goes into each of our products so that we can proudly state our products have ‘fewer ingredients, superior results.’ Many skincare products have too much filler and not enough ingredients that truly work.

What is your favourite product from your line?

I love them all, but I have to admit there is one I call ‘my baby’, which is the Glow Serum.
Glow Serum
As you might have noticed, I highly recommend Face Oils and oils in general. Quite often you find it's a personal preference when it comes to facial oil products. I created Glow Serum Face Oil for every skin type. The taboo that using oil on your skin will break you out, is nonsense. With the right oils, your skin will thank you!

What is your current daily skin-care routine and how has it changed since you started The Mineraw?

I’ve been using The Mineraw products of course since before I even started the brand. It has helped my skin tremendously!
I also like to keep learning and improving so I also experiment sometimes and play with other brands and products.
Jidienne Ibañez
My current routine is as follows:

• AM •

1. Rinse skin with cold water.
I don’t cleanse with any product in the morning.
2. Air dry.
I don’t wipe my face after cleansing as rubbing and tugging also
aggregates redness.
3. Moisturise.
Apply moisturising cream onto damp skin and let it sink in for a few minutes
4. Sun protection.
So so so important! Mineral/Physical based sunscreens containing Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide and Iron Oxide. I apply at least 3 layers of sunscreen in one go, going by one layer all over the face then a second layer, then a third

• PM •

1. Oil Cleanse.
to remove makeup and sunscreen
2. Cleanse.
with a non-foaming cleanser
3. Tone.
Of course I usually use The Mineraw toner, although I am also currently playing with some chemical base toners with AHA/BHA properties.
4. Moisturise.
Apply moisturising cream onto damp skin and let is sink in for a few minutes
5. Seal.
Seal everything with 2 drops of Face Oil - You know which ;)



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